Commissioned Artwork Taken by Appointment

Justice of The Peace N.S.W.

Euclidean & Intuitive Art

Promotional Video Production

Graphic Designer

Digital Artist & Illustrator

TAEDES Registered Trainer & Assessor for Creative Industries

Course Designer - Content Developer - Course Coordinator

Drawing Course Author and Illustrator

Art For Therapy Course Author and Designer

Willow Productions incorporates Tracey Warren's creative enterprise which includes all things creative including Illustration, digital video production, art & design and writing. Her work has evolved from a career as a Justice of The Peace, Legal Clerk and Executive Secretary in the legal field for many years.

Collectively, Tracey has worked as a Graphic Artist, Writer, Illustrator, Teacher and Senior Registered Trainer & Assessor. This incorporated work for numerous acredited and registered training organisations (RTO's) and online education providers as a course & content creator, course facilitator, student forum and asset manager and course coordinator, and, primarily, writing course content and instructional design in the Creative Industries field for online education and e-learning.

Tracey has written her own art courses including Drawing and Illustrating Course and Art for Therapy course. She has also held art workshops, art classes and both solo and joint art exhibitions nationally to help raise money for various charities including The Smith Family and the National Australia Zoo.


Some of Tracey’s work has been requested by corporations for special projects and publications which also include her special commissioned pieces in 2009 and 2010 for NASA in the USA with the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 - 40th Anniversary Commemorative Portraits.

Tracey has worked in the U.S.A. with NASA staff from Mission Control and, by special commission, has produced two historical and tributary works to present especially to the Astronauts in person at Mission Control Headquarters at NASA in Houston,Texas and has also presented commemorative N.A.S.A. artworks to the United States Ambassador as well as The Australian Government at Parliament House in Canberra A.C.T.

For more information on Tracey’s N.A.S.A. 40th Anniversary Tributes and commissioned work please see the webpage link below.


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Tracey Warren Art

'Lunar Lip Service'

Meta Giraffe  

Acrylic on Canvas

Painted by Tracey Warren 2021